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is a visual and performing artistbased in Denver, Colorado.

Ashley often finds inspiration in nature, human movement, and her love of storytelling. Her paintings and visual projects often use color as a tool for mood and thought provocation. Twisting vines, bold sunsets and splendid creatures often find ways to breathe within her prismatic environments.

As a college educated performing arts professional and a life-long visual artist, Ashley has molded her love of creativity into her career. Over the course of her adult life, Ashley has completed and sold hundreds of paintings and mural projects, designed marketing materials for a variety of clients, launched a handmade jewelry shop online, and has worked on over 70 stage productions as a director, choreographer, designer and performer.

With the goal to spark joy and ignite the imagination, Ashley finds happiness in creating pieces that can whisk her audiences away into beautiful, exciting, and vibrant worlds.