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Origin: Crayons was originally a 30 minute play I had written for one-week theatre camp with the D'Alto Studio of Performing Arts in the summer of 2009. I directed a workshop version of it that November with a small group of local actors. Six years later, in 2015, I had developed it into a full-length musical. The D'Alto Studio produced this version that August. It was met with great success. That's where the story ends for now, but definitely not forever. Check out pictures from the 2015 production on the Directing Projects page.

Synopsis: Sam is a young boy who has spent the entire first part of his summer in his room playing video games. His magical box of crayons, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, and a plethora of colorful friends, have had enough of being ignored. They shrink Sam down to fun-size and whisk him away on adventures as big as the universe itself. Meanwhile, the ninjas from his video game (and their dopey sidekick Mr. Octopus) vow to foil the crayons' plans. Sam experiences lessons in bravery, empathy and, maybe most importantly, the power of his own imagination.

Change: While studying at Millikin, I wrote 10-minute play examining sexuality & love. While my original plans of making it part of a larger performance piece eventually dissolved, I had the opportunity to put it on camera instead. This was my first and only attempt to produce anything film-related (and it shows), but overall it still made for an interesting video project. Curious? Watch it here.

Mary Mary Mary: A short play, also written during my college years, that follows the subconscious personalities of a young woman, Mary, as she grapples with two seemingly universal quandaries: love & trust. While this has been shelved since its presentation in 2008, I do hope to workshop & revive it again in the future.

Destination PLaY!: In 2010, I joined a small group of local actors who were working to develop a new educational performance company.  While the project eventually lost steam after about two years, we were able to collaborate on a few original projects. We produced Fractured Fables, a mashup & remix of classic fables & short stories in 2011 and closed in 2012 with a one-act comedy called The Flying Trunk, inspired by the lesser-known Hans Christian Anderson fairytale.  

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Crayons The Musical


Tales & Scales

Origins: During my time working as a performer and director at Tales & Scales, I was asked to write scripts for a few of our touring shows. Tales & Scales is a unique performing arts company that focuses on the creative development of young people. Performers portray characters within the story while simultaneously playing the music to the show on various instruments. To find out more about them, visit their facebook page.

Musictales: That's the coined term for Tales & Scales performances. Working alongside various local composers, I wrote the scripts for three musictales. Mice! was my first, and toured for the 2012-13 season. It was loosely inspired the Aesop Fable, The Counsel of Mice,  and revolved around anti-bullying themes. Above The Beanstalk (2013-14) was a new take on Jack & The Beanstalk, where Jack was the antagonist, not the hero. The story focused on thought before action, emphasizing the importance of stepping into other people's shoes.  Perfect: The Tale of a Different Duck (2014-15) was the last script I worked on for Tales & Scales before I relocated to Colorado. It was a fresh & uplifting version of the beloved Ugly Duckling story, examining individuality & inner beauty.